Interview with Shannon Valente, Owner of Shannon Valente Weddings, one of the best Wedding Planning in West Springs Cougar Ridge.
Interview conducted by George Byma


Describe your business.

I own a wedding planning and design studio.
 I offer full wedding planning, wedding day coordination and hourly consulting. Couples hire me if they are looking for someone to help plan their wedding, if they are just looking for some help along the way, or help on the actual day of the wedding. I also provide wedding rentals as well, so if people are looking
 for chair covers and other wedding accessories I can provide them.


Shannon Valente Weddings

What made you decide to open this business?

Part of it was my love of planning a good party. Any job that I have ever done, I always ended up being the “social event coordinator”, whether or not that was the job or not. Also my own wedding played a big role, I just really loved the process. So I got serious with it and took my certification from the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada and started my business. It has grown from there over the years.


Shannon Valente Weddings

What was it like when you first started?

Calgary is a very welcoming city but in the beginning I found it quite intimidating being a newcomer to the business. But once I got a couple of weddings under my belt, people were really receptive. This gave me the confidence
to realize that I was actually quite good at what I was doing and really helped.


Shannon Valente Weddings

What has surprised you most when owning a business?

I think what has surprised me most is all the background work that goes into a business. When you're an entrepreneur, I think 
you end up wearing many hats, you are your own admin, sales, marketing and IT departments. There are so many different day to day tasks that you are required to do in the background to run the business on top of being an expert in your field. Over the years I have learned (the hard way) what to do yourself and what to source out.


Shannon Valente Weddings

What would your customers say they love most about your business?

I have been consistently told that my customer service is exceptional! I come from a customer service/sales background so I think that's definitely helped me over the years. I am often told by wedding guests, clients and their family members things like, 'You did a great job, it was beautiful, it was well run, and you did it all with a smile on your face!"
My attitude is 'you get more bees with honey' and customer service is key.


Shannon Valente Weddings

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had working with a customer?

I have a lot of very memorable experiences. There are a few specific weddings that certainly stand out. When planning such an important day with people and sometimes working together for over a year or more, you become very close with them. I’m lucky to be involved in such a happy time in their lives.


Shannon Valente Weddings

Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you want customers to know about?

Expansion. Over the years I've had many assistants working with me and I've slowly been building them up. A lot of them have started taking on their own weddings, so there will soon be a bigger Shannon Valente Weddings team and I am really excited about that.


What is something most people don't know about the business?

My business used to be called Frit Fru weddings and I changed it to Shannon Valente Weddings a few years ago.


Who are some of your business idols and role models? And why?

In business my father has been a big role model to me as well as my husband. Both come from a banking background. Their customer service, and dedication to their job and clients, has served me well. I also belong to an amazing group of wedding planners in Calgary who encourage, support and refer each other. Not always common among industries.


What do you like most about being an entrepreneur?

I like the flexibility and rewards that it offers. As many hard days as there are, there's many more great days. With everything you do you get to reap the benefits and see all of your hard work pay off. I’ve worked harder for myself than I ever have for anyone else.


Do you have any advice that you want to share with other entrepreneurs?

Continue learning. I like to take different seminars, classes and courses to improve myself and my business. Establishing a background
in business is useful. You can be great at making something or doing something, but if you don't have the business background to back it up you're going to struggle. The longer I am in business, every course that I take and every seminar that I attend, I learn more from it because I have experience I can relate back to it.


What do you love about this neighbourhood?

I love that it's expanding. I don't have to drive so far to go to a certain grocery store or a coffee shop or to buy a pair of jeans. I have lived in the Cougar Ridge area for 11 years now. When I first moved here, it was a good 20-30 minutes drive for anything you wanted to do. And now it's literally minutes from my doorstep which I am really, really enjoying.


What are your favourite places to go in the neighbourhood?

I love shopping at Apt 22, Frilly Lilly in Aspen Woods to get my nails or eyebrows done and Mama Massage is one of my favorite places, my kids love it too. They are fantastic and their customer service is amazing.


What are your favourite things to do in the neighbourhood?

My son is a really big soccer fan and participates in the local Rangers soccer. My family and I also enjoy going to the local restaurants for dinner.


Why do you think it's important for people to shop local?

I think it's important to shop local because the more you support the local businesses, the more they're going to grow and more is
 going to be offered here. I'm from a small town and I think it's the same mentality. If you don't shop local, then people are going to have to close their doors and then you are not going to have it available when you want or need it. I'm a big believer in keeping things local and as easy as possible.









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Describe your business.

We are a combination coffee shop and diner where we focus on breakfast, really good coffee, and creating an inviting social atmosphere for people to enjoy with their friends, co-workers, or families. Our diverse setting is used widely from hosting business meetings to family friendly moms and kids.


Ace Coffee & Diner

Why did you decide to work here?

I was brought on board early before we opened and I was really excited to be involved with a small local restaurant who wants to make an impact that is family owned, oriented and operated. I wanted to be part of a business who really wants to be a part of their community and who wants to focus on people, whether that be the staff or the customers. I'm a big proponent of taking care of people and so being involved with a place that makes this their focus is really exciting to me.


Ace Coffee & Diner

What has surprised you most while working here?

I've been in the restaurant industry for most of my life and being involved with starting something brand new from the ground up is new and has definitely been very rewarding and interesting. Many times the unknown challenges have turned into the most positive triumphs.


What was it like when you first started?

We have been open now for 3 months and we are steadily interested in finding out what our local customers like and how we can engage with people more to meet their wants and needs. We are still planning our official grand opening that will likely be in March and we will certainly want to engage with the local community when we do. Please keep posted for more details to follow soon.


What do customers say they love most about the business?

Customers love the space and atmosphere. The layout is open and really modern but it still has that cozy diner feel at the same time. Customers love the booths and benches. There are outlets in every seat in the house. Customers love that they can sit and plug in their computer, have a local business meeting or quietly work on a weekday afternoon, or come in with their families on a Saturday morning to enjoy our fantastic breakfast menu.


Ace Coffee & DinerAce Coffee & Diner

Why do you think it's important for people to shop local?

I think it's very important to support a business that is small and independent, that is supporting their local community. It creates a a sense of reciprocity between business owners and builds a positive network based on mutual respect, interests and support.


Ace Coffee & Diner

What do you love about this neighbourhood?

People who don't live in the neighbourhood may think it's out of the way. When you get here you realize how vibrant, thriving, and growing the community is. West Springs is a dynamic mixture of young families, couples and singles. There's so many amazing and unique pubs, restaurants and really cool shops. Everything you need is in this area.


Ace Coffee & Diner

What are your favourite places to go in the neighbourhood?

I like the Vin Room across the way from us and I often look forward to the afternoons I can spend all to myself while enjoying a glass of vino.

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One of the reasons that I decided to sponsor the Parkbench’s Neighbourhood Sites for West Springs, Cougar Ridge, Aspen Woods, Springbank Hill, Discovery Ridge, and the West Hills, Calgary was because of all the great information they have for people who are interested in learning about the neighbourhood. I think one of the most valuable features on these Neighbourhood Sites is the school information available to families living in the community.


Not only do each of these neighbourhood sties have a full list of the schools servicing that community, they also provide residents with the ability to write tips and reviews about the local West Calgary schools. One of the very first things that a parent considers when moving to a new home are the schools that they’ll be within reach of.


You can help these parents to decide which neighbourhood is best suited for them by leaving a short note about your child’s experience at a certain school in West Calgary and what that school has to offer. It’s as simple as selecting your neighbourhood, clicking on the “Schools” tab, and choosing either the “Write a Review” or “Leave a Tip” button. Check out the links to the schools below:


For all of the school listings in the West Springs and Cougar Ridge neighbourhood, click here. You’ll also notice that the list features pre-schools as well.


Click here to read my article Cougar Ridge, Calgary real estate: A homebuyer’s guide to this West Calgary neighbourhood.


For all of the school listings in the Aspen Woods, Calgary neighbourhood, including the prestigious Rundle College and Weber Academy, click here.


Click here to read my article Living in Aspen Woods, Calgary: A brief guide to this West Calgary neighbourhood.


For all of the school listings in the Discovery Ridge and Springbank Hill, Calgary neighbourhods, including Ernest Manning High School, click here.


Click here to read my article 3 selling points for your Discovery Ridge, Calgary home.


And lastly, there aren’t many but for all of the schools in the West Hills, Calgary neighbourhood, click here.


Click here to read my article Living in West Hills, Calgary: A guide to this West Calgary neighbourhood.

I hope that you found this article useful. I’d really appreciate it if you took a moment of your time to head on over to, select your neighbourhood, and write a review about any of the schools in your neighbourhood that you have experience with today. If you need to get in touch to discuss West Calgary real estate, I can be reached at:






Direct:  (403) 690-2020

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As someone who makes their home in west Calgary, I’ve had many opportunities to familiarize myself with all of the great stores and restaurants in the area. Among all of the restaurants in West Calgary, I tend to frequent a few the local pubs and lounges quite regularly. Whether I’m visiting with my family, friends, or clients, it’s always a good time. I want to be able to share my top 3 pubs in West Calgary with you so that if you’re in the neighbourhood, you won’t have to think twice about where to go. They are Fergus & Bix, Original Joe’s, and 722 World Bier House and you can read all about them out below:


1)    Fergus & Bix – Restaurant and Beer Market



Fergus & Bix is one of Calgary’s premier craft beer markets. Located in West Springs Village at 873 85th Street SW, this restaurant has been described as “the type of neighbourhood pub that every community should have (Source.)” The Fergus & Bix menu features steadfast classics like the famed F&B burger and an appetizing weekend brunch menu, but the pub boasts an incomparable selection of microbrews and craft beer that’s bound to impress even the most seasoned beer drinkers.


Click here to view Fergus & Bix profile on the neighbourhood website for West Springs, Calgary and write a review today.


2)    722 World Bier Haus – Restaurant and Lounge


722 World Bier Haus is an upscale restaurant and lounge that has earned a solid reputation for their made from scratch cuisine and their wide selection of both local and international beers. Their website features a section called “Bier University” where 722 World Bier Haus’s resident beer expert will keep you posted on the latest facts, trends, and so much more. The newly built West Calgary location is a great place for everything and anything from afternoon client meetings to date night.


3)    Original Joe’s – Restaurant and Bar

Original Joe’s is another one of West Calgary’s more popular restaurant chains. Located at #112, 318 Aspen Glen Landing SW in the Aspen Landing shopping Centre, Original Joe’s menu features something for every taste. This pub is a great place to come and share some appetizers over one of their Original Joe’s in-house brews or enjoy a hearty meal with family and friends.


Click here to view Original Joe’s profile on the neighbourhood website for Aspen Woods, Calgary and write a review today.


I hope you enjoyed my list of the top 3 pubs in West Calgary. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for an awesome new contest I will be hosting alongside these fine establishments. If you have any further questions about my picks for an evening out, or care to learn more about West Calgary real estate, I can be reached at:






Direct: (403) 690-2020

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As Parkbench’s Neighbourhood Sponsor for West Springs and Cougar Ridge, Calgary, one of the main reasons I was so excited to bring this innovative new platform to our community was all of the potential that it held for local business owners. Did you know that as a local business owner, you’re able to create a totally free profile on and begin marketing your products or services to the community? Well, you can, and in my latest article I’m quickly going to explain 5 ways that your business can benefit from claiming your free profile on Parkbench.


1)    Gives you another venue to list your business information


When people are looking for a specific product or service, most of their searches will begin online. Parkbench automatically pulls all of the business listings in a neighbourhood and organizes them by name and category on the corresponding Neighbourhood Site. If you own a business in the neighbourhood, there’s a good chance that it’s already been listed on Parkbench. It’s then as simple as heading over to your neighbourhood’s and claiming your business page.


Once you claim your business’s page, you’re able to flesh it out with a picture of your storefront, relevant contact information, and links to your company website or relevant social media channels. This is all done with the hope of people in the neighbourhood finding out about you and your business!


2)    Make announcements


West Springs and Cougar Ridge’s Neighbourhood Site has a news feed that’s unique to the neighbourhood. The feed is populated by different deals being offered by businesses, news articles that are relevant to the neighbourhood, and different events taking place in the community. But, once you’ve claimed your free business profile on Parkbench, you’re able to make announcements that will ensure that your business remains at the top of the neighbourhood newsfeed, and top of mind for potential customers. 


3)    Offer deals and coupons


Parkbench gives businesses who have claimed their free business profile with a few different ways to offer deals and specials to customers—and the best part is that they don’t take a cut!


Unlike websites like Groupon, Parkbench offers a brand new way for you to offer savings to new customers, and guarantee returning customers. Deal websites, like Groupon, are notorious for offering crazy deals that prompt new customers to drive across the city to claim a deal one time—but the trouble for small business owners is that once those new customers have claimed the coupon, they never come back to the store. And that’s in addition to the fact that they take a cut of the business’ profit. As you know, all businesses strive towards creating repeat business.


But, as a business owner on Parkbench, you’re able to offer:


-       Coupons to first time customers to attract some new clientele.

-       Advertise current in-store specials.

-       Offer flash deals that only take place during a certain time of day.

-       Grant deals to customers who have visited your business and have written a review about it on Parkbench.


4)     Have reviews written about your business


When people are deciding on which restaurant they want to eat at, or which service provider they should call, they’ll want to hear what other people have to say about it first. Parkbench gives local business owners in West Springs and Cougar Ridge, Calgary a way for them to have reviews written about their business, reply to them, and offer coupons to the customer for having a review written about their business. It’s a win-win because in addition to having people spread the word about what makes your business great, you’re also guaranteeing a returning customer.


5)    Create events


Once you’ve created your Parkbench business profile, you’re able to use your account to create new event listings in the community. By clicking on the “Events” tab of the Neighbourhood Site, you’re given the option of adding an event. Say for example your clothing store is hosting a sidewalk sale, or your restaurant is holding a wine tasting event, you’re able to upload the event details straight to your Neighbourhood Site and give friends of the community yet another place to get the information that they need to know.


Check out these videos below to learn more about how Parkbench benefits small businesses:




If you care to learn more about the benefits that come with claiming your free profile on Parkbench’s West Springs and Cougar Ridge Neighbourhood Site, I can be reached at:






Direct: (403) 690-2020

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I chose to sponsor the West Springs-Cougar Ridge Neighbourhood Site on because I’m always looking for ways to help connect locals to their neighbourhood. This West Springs-Cougar Ridge Neighbourhood Site gives locals a whole new way to learn about everything going on in the neighbourhood. For the sake of this article, I’m going to talk about some specific ways that Cougar Ridge and West Springs, Calgary residents can utilize the Parkbench neighbourhood website to connect to their community. Check out these 7 ways you can use Parkbench:


1)    Find local news in West Springs and Cougar Ridge


By heading to West Springs and Cougar Ridge Neighbourhood Site and clicking on the “News” button, you’ll gain access to loads of great news articles that are related to the community. Parkbench’s technology is capable of aggregating all of these news articles from leading sources across the web and placing them in the corresponding Neighbourhood Site.


By clicking on the “Blogs” button, you’re able to read original blog articles about the neighbourhood that were written by the Parkbench Team.


And lastly, the West Springs and Cougar Ridge Neighbourhood Site features a “Crime and Safety” tab.


2)    Find local events in West Springs and Cougar Ridge


The same technology that applies to news articles works for events in the neighbourhood as well! Simply clicking on the “Events” will take you to a list of events from sources like Eventbrite, Ticketfly, and Meet-up—and the best part is that these are all events taking place in the community. By creating a free account on Parkbench, you’re also able to post your own events too!


3)    Find deals in West Springs and Cougar Ridge


The “Deals” tab on the West Springs and Cougar Ridge website is a great place to check out the different kinds of deals being offered by local businesses. If you yourself are a local business owner, or know any, let them know that they’re able to claim a free profile on Parkbench and offer different types of coupons and specials to the community.


There are also a number of “Classifieds” that have been listed on the West Springs and Cougar Ridge Neighbourhood Site. There are plenty of ways to save!


4)    Write reviews on the West Springs and Cougar Ridge neighbourhood and the businesses within it


As a person living in West Springs and Cougar Ridge, you know the area very well! We want you to share what you love about your neighbourhood by signing up for a free profile on the West Springs and Cougar Ridge Neighbourhood Site and writing a review about it. If you’re a fan of a certain business in the neighbourhood—you can review them too! Some businesses even offer coupons to customers who have reviewed them on Parkbench, so keep an eye out for these neat ways to save some money.


5)    Read about the local services and amenities in the West Springs and Cougar Ridge neighbourhood


Parkbench’s technology has been able to aggregate a number of local services and amenities for your convenience. You’re able to check out all of the schools, business listings, and even demographics information—all from the West Springs and Cougar Ridge Neighbourhood Site landing page.


6)    Share photos you’ve taken in the West Springs and Cougar Ridge neighbourhood


The West Springs and Cougar Ridge “Photo Gallery” gives Parkbench users a unique way to picture life in the neighbourhood. The Photo Gallery page collects photos from Instagram featuring hashtags that are related to the neighbourhood.


To have your photos featured in the West Springs and Cougar Ridge neighbourhood Photo Gallery, simple use the hashtag: #CougarRidge, #WestSprings, #West85th, or #Wentworth.


7)    Connect with your local REALTOR® in West Springs and Cougar Ridge


As the title sponsor for West Springs and Cougar Ridge, I’ve helped to ensure that our neighbourhood will always have access to this wonderful community resource. For those who care to learn more about what makes this community great, or are thinking about moving to or from West Springs and Cougar Ridge, I can be reached at:




Direct: (403) 690-2020

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Springbank Hill, Calgary is a choice neighbourhood just west of the city. It represents one of the most affluent communities in the entire Calgary region. The real estate in Springbank Hill tends to cost a pretty penny but there are so many reasons that have contributed to their market value. Many would agree that buying a home is an investment that you don’t want to skimp out on, so if you’re considering investing in property here, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting what you pay for; a beautiful home in a well-heeled neighbourhood that’s stones throw away from the Calgary city centre. Read more about the benefits of purchasing Springbank Hill real estate below.


Springbank Hill properties


Homes in Springbank Hill tend to be valued over a million dollars. In fact, the average sale price of a single-family home here is in the neighbourhood of $1.5 million. While there are a number of homes in Springbank Hill that qualify as mid-range, the homes attracting the most attention are the estate properties.  There are also a number of townhomes and condos that are slightly more affordable and still give homebuyers an opportunity to become a part of this esteemed community.


The estate properties in this community give families a lot of flexibility in terms of what they can do with all of that space—in some cases acres. Some families have opted to install tennis courts and the like in their backyards.


The area in that Springbank Hill is located is teeming with green space. Community features like small ponds and walking trails are interspersed throughout it and are regularly enjoyed by residents. Springbank Hill is famous for standing at the crossroads of the Rocky Mountains and the Calgary city centre and as such, it enjoys the benefits of being conveniently close to both.


Springbank Hill amenities


Springbank Hill residents are fortunate to be located very close to a handful of local attractions and amenities. The people living in this southwest Calgary neighbourhood are only minutes away from the Aspen Landing Shopping Centre, a recently built commercial district. It was designed with the hopes of bringing a shopping experience reminiscent of the downtown Calgary commercial district to the suburbs.


And in the event that residents aren’t able to find what they need in at Aspen Landing or any of the other local shops and service providers, downtown Calgary is just a little more than 20 minutes away by car. Alternatively, the 69 Street Southwest C-Train Station can carry residents straight into the city centre. The addition of this public transit hub has transformed Springbank Hill homes into an excellent option for commuters too.


As for schools in Springbank Hill, you can click here to learn more about some of the private schools serving the community. Families with young children tend to be drawn to the neighbourhood because of its inclusion of these highly ranked schools.


Springbank Hill home for sale


I’d like to call attention to a particular home for sale in Springbank Hill. Valued at $1.8 million, this stunning property is built to impress one and all. For a virtual tour of the home, see below:



Click here for full details on the listing.


To reach me directly and learn more about life in Springbank Hill, Calgary or if you’re interested in getting a closer look at this one-of-a-kind home, I can be reached at:


(403) 690-2020

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Springbank Hill, Calgary is a southwest Calgary neighbourhood that’s recognized throughout the city for being an upscale community. There are several factors that play a part in earning it this reputation—but, the particular factor that I’ll be focusing on are the private schools that make their home in Springbank Hill. They are: Rundle College, Ambrose University College, and the Webber Academy.


In my latest article, Select Properties and Schools in Springbank Hill, Calgary, Alberta, I’m going to give you a closer at what makes each of these prestigious educational institutions unique and how they help provide families living in Springbank Hill with one of the best settings in which to raise their children.


Rundle College


Located at 7375 17 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, and on the border between Springbank Hill and Aspen Woods, Rundle College is a private school that seeks to provide students with a higher standard for education. The school is divided in to two separate campuses: Rundle Academy and Rundle College Jr. Sr. High. The latter is located in Springbank Hill, Calgary.


One of Rundle College’s central tenets is that they provide students with small class sizes where they can receive the individual attention needed foster personal and academic growth. A fine balance between academia, athletics, and creativity are central to the school’s beliefs and is one of their key differentiators.


Find out why Rundle College has consistent ranked highly in the Fraser Report with the video below: 



Ambrose University College

Since 1921, the Ambrose University has been providing post-secondary students with a means of obtaining a faith-based liberal arts education. The school cycled through several names and locations; however, in 2007, Ambrose University settled at 150 Ambrose Cir SW in southwest Calgary where many of Springbank Hill’s residents have opted to further their education.


As mentioned, Ambrose University is a faith-based private school. The faculty provides programs that offer select liberal arts and science undergraduate degrees. Ambrose University is also home to a seminary school where students can gain the knowledge and credentials necessary to take on leadership roles in the greater Christian community. 


Webber Academy Calgary

Webber Academy Calgary is a private school located just a few minutes north of Springbank Hill at 1515 93 St SW. This school provides classes for students from kindergarten all the way up to senior high school. Many Springbank Hill families who aren’t particularly fond of the public school system have enrolled their children in this school with the hopes of preparing them to thrive in university and beyond.


This private school prides itself in their Performing Arts Centre. This well kept venue has also hosted many professional musical and theatrical acts. The Webber Academy website describes it as a “two multi-purpose studios for drama and dance instruction, as well as dedicated classrooms for choir, band, and music instruction.”


Opportunities to live in Springbank Hill


As a real estate agent whose main focus is the southwest Calgary area and the neighbourhoods within it, I strive to connect the right families with the right home. If your family is considering moving to southwest Calgary, and you’re keen on providing your children with the absolute highest degree of education, I’d like to encourage you to consider this stunning Springbank Hill home. Living here means that you’ll be within minutes of the exceptional schools mentioned above. Check out the listing below: 



For more information about this Springbank Hill home for sale, click here.


To learn more about the private schools in Springbank Hill, or to take a closer look at the above property, I can be reached at:


(403) 690-2020

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As someone who lives in the west Calgary area, and consequently, does a lot of business there, I’ve been given the opportunity to get to know the area very well. One of the neighbourhoods that I’ve really enjoyed spending time in is Aspen Woods, Calgary. The area is rich with creature comforts that are conducive to family life, and in my latest article, Living in Aspen Woods, Calgary: A brief guide to this west Calgary neighbourhood, I’m going to focus on what makes this thriving community tick. 



Exceptional properties in Aspen Woods, Calgary


Aspen Woods, Calgary is a newer residential development. The very first construction dates back to early 2001. The neighbourhood was designed with the goal of becoming a high-end luxury community and if you’ve ever considered purchasing property here you’ll know that the homes for sale in Aspen Woods fit the bill.


Homebuilders in Aspen Woods, Calgary have focused on exclusively building single-family homes and acreage estates. The spacious lots have given rise to upscale homes, which in turn have lent to an affluent community. The average price for a home in Aspen Woods, Calgary is nearly $1.5 million, some of the acreage estates boast more that 5,000 sq. feet of living space, and the lot sizes themselves can be as big as half an acre.


There are still several homebuilders in Aspen Woods that are laying the groundwork for pre-sale homes. For those interested in purchasing property in Aspen Woods, they’re able to work with the builders to design their own custom home.


Amenities in Aspen Woods, Calgary

Aspen Landing, Calgary’s newest shopping destination is situated on the southwest corner of the Aspen Woods neighbourhood. Prior to its construction there very few options for retailers and service providers in the area but the addition of Aspen Landing, is serving to bring a downtown-like shopping experience to the suburbs of west Calgary.


Some of the shops and services at Aspen Landing include: Aspen Landing Dental, Diner Deluxe, and a number of specialty stores that can all be found here on their website.


To learn more about Aspen Landing and its mixed-use village type concept, check out the video below: 


The Westside Recreation Centre, located across the street from the Ernest Manning High School, regularly features a number of family friendly activities and fun things to do all year round. Since 2000, the Westside Recreation Centre has hosted one of the city’s most prized places for swimming, rock climbing, and a fully furnished gym.


In the event of Aspen Woods residents needing more than these community fixtures has to offer, they can count on the fact that they’re only a short trip from the downtown Calgary area and all that it holds.


Click here for a virtual tour of an Aspen Woods, Calgary, Alberta home.


Click here for more details regarding this fantastic Aspen Woods listing.


So if you and the family happen to be looking for a new home in west Calgary, know that the Aspen Woods are can cater to your needs. Whether it’s the luxury homes or the local amenities that catch your eye, Aspen Woods homes for sale have an undeniable appeal. To get in touch with me personally and learn more about Aspen Woods real estate, I can be reached at:


(403) 690-2020

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There are a million and one reasons to consider when deciding whether to rent or buy in west Calgary. The factors range from your stage in life (i.e. your age and marital status) to more defined factors like your net income. But whatever the factors affecting your next move are, it can be plain tough when deciding whether renting or buying is going to benefit you and your family in the long run. In my latest article “To rent or buy in west Calgary?” I’m going to talk about some of the pros and cons of renting versus buying your new home.  


Points for renting

Everyone would like to own a home, but that’s not in the cards for everyone—at least not at first. There are a bunch of reasons why renting can be advantageous.


If you have a job that requires you to travel often, it is very beneficial to rent your home. By purchasing a property in Calgary, you’re locking yourself into a commitment with far reaching implications that can undoubtedly affect your financial stability down the road.


Some landlords give tenants the ability to rent to own in Calgary. What this means is that if you initially don’t have enough money for a down payment but you can afford rent, the homeowner will allow rent payments to go towards the down payment on that home. This is a great option for people who don’t have either the cash for a down payment or good enough credit history to be approved for a loan. And to further that point, renting is one means of improving your credit score.


Renting a home in West Calgary has the potential to save you some money. By renting, you’re liberating from various fees associated with the actual property itself and the maintenance of it. For example, if you’re renting a home and the central heating gives out on you in the dead of the winter—it’s the landlord’s responsibility to get that fixed for you as soon as possible.


Points for buying



No matter how you slice it, buying a home in west Calgary is going to be a large, if not the largest, purchase that you’ve ever made. Investing in west Calgary is a dream of many; however, that doesn’t mean that many possess the means to do it. Albeit, for those that do there are quite a few advantages to buying a home in Calgary.


Houses for sale in west Calgary have a relatively high price point. There are many reasons why west Calgary homes are as expensive as they are, such as: their proximity to the downtown area, the abundance of amenities and recreational space found in the area, and the large lot sizes.


Certain pockets of west Calgary housing are located as little at 20 minutes away from the downtown Calgary area. The simple fact that much of the west Calgary natural space has been deemed a conversation area means that there is a limit to the amount of new developments that will be springing up in the area. The restraints imposed upon new developments suggest that current west Calgary homes will only appreciate in value.


West Calgary neighbourhoods feature many attractions and amenities that are conducive to the family lifestyle. As a family living in west Calgary, it’s uncommon that you’ll need to travel beyond your neighbourhood. That said, buying a home in west Calgary guarantees that you’re never far from what you need.


Select neighbourhoods in west Calgary feature homes that are nothing short of mansions. Estate homes in Calgary tend to lend to an affluent community where you won’t find as many renters as you will homeowners. Examples of which can be found in Aspen Woods, Springbank Hill, and Wentworth, Calgary.


Click here to read my article “Living in Wentworth, Calgary: 5 reasons to invest in this luxury neighbourhood.”


You may have heard that the Calgary real estate market is in a period of transition. Homebuyers across the city are taking advantage of the situation and using it as an opportunity to enter the market. If you’re one of these people, or are curious about renting in west Calgary, you can reach me at:




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West Calgary real estate is decidedly more expensive than other areas in the city. Cougar Ridge however features many mid-range properties that are ideal for growing families who are looking to upsize their current homes.


West Calgary homes are cherished for their proximity to the city, their large lot sizes, and for purveying a prestigious lifestyle that’s coveted by many. In my latest article, Cougar Ridge real estate: A homebuyer’s guide to this west Calgary neighbourhood, I would like to shed some light on what makes investing in Cougar Ridge real estate a smart move.


Homes for every lifestyle


West Calgary neighbourhoods, specifically Cougar Ridge, have much more to offer than luxury homes. While they definitely have a distinct presence in the area, Cougar Ridge still offers homes for every lifestyle.


Cougar Ridge has a high volume of mid-range houses that are ideal for young families who are in the market for a new home. The generous lot sizes and access to both green space and amenities make it nearly impossible to deny the inherent value present in these properties.


There are also a handful of multi-family residences for sale in Cougar Ridge, Calgary. For example, the Landings at Cougar Ridge is a luxury development featuring varied properties. From row houses to luxury villas, these cozier properties present an opportunity to become a part of the Cougar Ridge community. These homes are treasured for their nearness to a wealth of west Calgary attractions, and of course the city itself.


Cougar Ridge real estate successfully blends the quiet of the suburbs with the convenience of the city. 



West Calgary attractions


West Calgary homes are known for offering residents the best of both worlds. On one hand, there’s a ton of green space surrounding the neighbourhood. Much of it is home to archaeological dig sites, which give the community a cultural and historical significance. The areas are preserved and will remain protected so that locals can enjoy them.


Click here to access my article on 10 fun things to do when living in SW Calgary.


On the other hand, the neighbourhood borders directly on the Canada Olympic Park, a gathering place for the active folks in the community. There are a wide range of shopping centres and local amenities where Cougar Ridge, Calgary community members can find everything they need to make life simpler. Some examples of the many West Calgary amenities are: West Market Square, Strathcona Square, and the widely known Mount Royal University.



A growing community


A sure sign of properties that will appreciate in value is the amount of new construction in the area. The Landings at Cougar Ridge are nearing completion and the addition of this new upscale development is guaranteed to usher new life into the community. The new homes and the residents they are attracting will actively bolster the area’s tax base and increase property values across the board.


The fact that preserved areas and permanent fixtures like the Canada Olympic Park surround the community means that while the demand for these homes may increase but the supply of them will remain fixed—so, for homebuyers who are looking to become a part of a growing community such as this, I recommend getting in on the ground floor!


As always, if you have any further questions about Cougar Ridge, Calgary real estate, I can be reached anytime at:




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Have you noticed the growing number of Calgary open houses in your neighbourhood? The Calgary housing market is in the midst of a transition and as such, more and more people are deciding to list their homes. That may be fine and dandy for homebuyers because now they’ve got the ability to shop around--but, as a Calgary home seller, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that your home isn’t the only one that prospective buyers will be checking out.


In order for your house to stand out from the rest, you’ve got to make a lasting impression. A great way to do this is by holding an open house. That said, I present my latest article, 5 tips for how to hold the best Calgary open house ever.


1)    Curb appeal


It’s said that first impressions are made within one tenth of a second. In the case of your home, potential homebuyers are going to be making judgments before they even put their car in park. That’s why it’s important to step up your curb appeal and ensure a good first impression.


Some simple tips for improving your curb appeal are: a well kept yard during the warmer months, ensuring there’s no garbage or receptacles in the front yard, and sprucing it up with some nice potted plants. 



2)    Treats and goodies


When you’re showing your home, it doesn’t hurt to have some snacks floating around. The idea of the Calgary open house is to give potential homebuyers an idea of what it’d be like to live there. And when people are at home, they’re accustomed to having treats and goodies on hand. Take a step in the right direction by being ready to dish out the snacks—the tastier the better!


3)    Create an ambiance


Your home has the ability to convey a range of emotions, but the feelings you want to evoke are bright, warm, and welcoming. You can easily do this by taking a minute to improve the scent, sights, and sound of your home.


An idea for improving the scent of your home is purchasing a few Glade PlugIns® and placing them in different rooms throughout your home. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to bake some cookies on the day of your open house. You’ll be filling your home with that delicious aroma that we all find so hard to resist—plus more snacks are never a bad thing. 


Improve the sights in your home by opening all of your blinds and flooding the rooms with natural lighting. Do your best to keep sightlines open and unobstructed by decluttering your home and keeping the doors throughout your home wide open to give it an open, welcoming feel.


As for sound, if you’ve got a stereo system handy, or even one of those little iPod docks, play some calm, relaxing background music. It’ll help to put the potential homebuyers at ease and play a big part in creating an ambiance. 



4)    Tidy up!


There’s nothing worse than people walking into a home and being obstructed by clutter. Make sure that your entrance is clean and clear for your guests. As I mentioned with first impressions on the exterior of your home, the same applies to the interior. Two rooms to pay special attention to are the kitchen and the bathroom.


Keep your kitchen free of clutter by ensuring that all of your dishes are washed and put away, that your stovetop is clear of pots and pans, and that no one will find a half eaten tuna sandwich on your kitchen table.


The bathroom is another place that people tend to spend a fair amount of time in so you want to be sure that it’s spic and span. Clean your mirrors, hang some fresh towels in there, and do your best to keep your counters clear of unnecessary clutter. On top of it looking clean, it will appear to be more spacious as well.


5)    Tell people


If you’re having a conversation with someone, casually mention that you’re holding an open house. There’s a good chance that they’re not shopping for a home at that exact moment, but there’s a chance that they might know someone who is. Don’t shy away from sharing the details of your open house on social media either.


However, if you choose to use a REALTOR® to help you sell your home, they have access to a full suite for marketing tools designed to get the word out. These tools range from simple things like flyers, mail outs, and physical banner ads out on the street to online marketing tools like the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).


If you’re considering listing your home, and you found these 5 tips for how to hold the best Calgary open house useful, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly and I’ll help you get the most value for you home:


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Like many west Calgary neighbourhoods, the West Hills hold a high standard for living amongst residents. The West Hills area is rich with estate homes, upscale multi-family residences, and wonderful amenities that are enjoyed daily by community members. Whether it is the Westhills Shopping Centre, or the gorgeous surrounding area, there’s something for everyone in the West Hills. In this article, I’m going to highlight 5 key features of the West Hills area and why you’d enjoy owning property here. 



1)    West Calgary properties


The West Hills area is primarily comprised of the Signal Hill and Sienna Hill neighbourhoods. As mentioned above, west Calgary properties tend to be a cut above many of the other homes that are found throughout the Greater Calgary Area. On average, the homes housed within them are valued at nearly $1,000,000. The large lot sizes, spacious interiors, and relative distance from the Calgary city centre all play a role in earning West Hills homes their distinguished reputation and their well-deserved price tag.  



2)    West Hills shopping opportunities


The Westhills Shopping Centre is conveniently located at the corner of Richmond Rd. SW and Sarcee Trail SW. This strip mall features everything your family could possibly need, from the latest gadgets at the West Hills Best Buy, to a fancy dining experience at Earl’s Kitchen and Bar—and not to mention a ton of clothing retailers where you can update your wardrobe anytime! At the centre of the Westhills Shopping Centre lies the Cineplex Odeon Westhills Cinema, a very popular weekend destination for people living in the area.


Directly across from the from the Westhills Shopping Centre is the Signal Hill Centre, which plays a huge role in transforming this part of the neighbourhood into a full-fledged shopping district.  



3)    Local schools and service providers


The West Hills community is very appealing to Calgary families with young children. The area was constructed with young families in mind and as such, there are plenty of schools and local service providers who make raising your children in the West Hills a positive experience.


Click here to access my article on schooling options in Signal Hill, Calgary, Alberta.


There is also a branch of the Calgary Public Library to be found in the Signal Hill Centre. The Signal Hill Library makes for a great place to spend some time with your budding readers, for your teens to research their latest school project, or to simply spend some quiet time behind a good book.



4)    Natural areas


West Calgary is renowned for its natural beauty. Many consider it to be the crossroads between the majestic Canadian Rockies and the thriving Calgary metropolis. The area that these beautiful homes are built in offers amazing access to some of the best-preserved landscapes in the Calgary region.


If you’re looking to stay local, I recommend checking out the Signal Hill Park and Batallion Park, both located just minutes away from your West Hills home. Just south of the West Hills area is the Weaslehead Park Natural area, a stunning marshland that is ripe for hiking.



5)    Travelling to town


As mentioned above, West Calgary neighbourhoods are conveniently located partway between the Rockies and the downtown Calgary area. When traffic permits, it only takes a short 15 minutes to reach the bustling city from this community.


There also happens to be a Calgary Transit C-Train station located between Signal Hill and Christie Park. With the addition of the LRT station, West Hills commuters don’t necessarily need a motor vehicle to get around the city; however, it certainly does help in getting from A to B. 


If you’d like to learn more about what makes living in the West Hills, Calgary so great, you can get in touch with me directly and I’ll be more than happy to show you around the neighbourhood:




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One of the most important, if not the most important factors affecting a family’s decision to move is the education they’ll be able to provide for their children. I can’t tell you how many families I’ve helped move, who have asked me about the schools that they can send their young ones to. I know that this type of information matters to families and in this article, I’m going to give a brief overview of the schools in and around Signal Hill. 



Heartland Agency


For families that would like to give their children a solid start, the Heartland Agency is a pre-school dedicated to giving children just that. From pre-school to summer camp programs, the Heartland Agency is great for the youth of Signal Hill.


Click here to access the Heartland Agency website.


Glenbrook Community School


Another one of the pre-schools frequented by children in Signal Hill is the Glenbrook Community School. Featuring programs for three-year-olds and four-year-olds, the Glenbrook Community School offers a play-based learning environment where kids can pick up valuable social skills while having a great time.


Click here to access the Glenbrook Community School website and learn more about enrollment.

Calgary Montessori School


Dedicated to helping your child grow, the Calgary Montessori School aims to give Calgary’s youngest a great start. There are several branches of the Calgary Montessori School throughout the city, including one conveniently located in the southern portion of Signal Hill.


Click here to access the Calgary Montessori School website.


Elementary schools

Battalion Park School (K-6)


Located at the heart of Signal Hill, Battalion Park School teaches from kindergarten all the way to grade 6. It’s a public school that many families living immediately in Signal Hill opt to send their children to.


Click here to access the Battalion Park School website.


Olympic Heights School (K-6)


Olympic Heights School is a public school located just north of Signal Hill in Strathcona Park. Olympic Heights School caters to kids between kindergarten and grade 6 who’s goal and intention is to “make each child’s learning experiences personalized, enriching and deeply satisfying.”


Click here to access the Olympic Heights School website.           


John Costello Catholic School (K-6)


John Costello Catholic School is a Catholic school located due north of the Signal Hill Neighborhood. The school caters to children between kindergarten and grade 6. The school frequently organizes special events throughout the year that are attended not only by students but their families as well.


Click here to access the John Costello Catholic School website.


St. Gregory School (6-9)


Many of the students who complete their tenure at John Costello Catholic School tend to head over to St. Gregory School where they cater to kids from grade 6 to 9. The school is located just east of Signal Hill in the neighboring Glendale community. St. Gregory is home of the St. Gregory Gators and regularly provides fun and engaging extracurricular activities for all of their students.


Click here to access the St. Gregory School website.

High schools

Rundle College (K-12)


Rundle College is one of Calgary’s premier private schools and strives to create an exceptional learning environment for all of their students. The school’s dedication to high academic achievement, small class sizes, and character development has earned it recognition as one of Alberta’s top private schools.


Click here to access the Rundle College website and get some more information about admissions.


Calgary Christian School (K-12)


The Calgary Christian School has been dedicated to providing a faith-based education for families in the SW Calgary area. Located in neighboring Glendale, the Calgary Christian School has two campuses; one for the elementary students, and the other for high-schoolers.


Click here to access the Calgary Christian School Website.


Ernest Manning High School (10-12)


Located in the northwest corner of Calgary’s west end, Ernest Manning High School caters to students between grade 10 and 12. In addition to the regular curriculum, Ernest Manning High School offers advanced placement and off-campus work experience.


Click here to access the Ernest Manning High School website.

Post-secondary schools 

Ambrose University


Ambrose University is a faith-based post-secondary school that is dedicated to providing a transformative Christian higher education. Located in the northeast corner of Springbank Hill, the school offers programs in arts and science, ministry, and even a seminary school.


To learn more about Ambrose University, click here to access their website.


If you happen to have any further questions about all of the schools in Signal Hill, Calgary, Alberta, you can get in touch with me directly and I’ll be happy to let you know why this community and its schools are well suited for your family:




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Are you considering listing your Discovery Ridge home? The single-family homes and estate properties in Discovery Ridge can easily exceed the million dollar mark. Now, despite the higher prices, Discovery Ridge still remains one of the more affordable west Calgary neighbourhoods. There are a few reasons why these properties are so highly valued and in this article.


I’m going to go over 3 selling points for your Discovery Ridge home:  

1)    The location

SW Calgary homes are prized for their seclusion and also their nearness to the Calgary city centre. Home sellers are at an advantage because homebuyers who work in the city and commute there daily will immediately see the value in its distance from the city. The Glenmore Trail runs just north of the neighbourhood boundaries and grants a quick way to make it in to the city.


Further, the land surrounding Discovery Ridge is rich with beautiful landscapes and natural areas that are ripe for exploring. Nature lovers will immediately recognize the value possessed by this region. Adjacent to the neighbourhood is the Griffiths Woods Park and miles of trails. This beautiful reserve features nearly a hundred hectors of green space that ensures this area won’t be over developed and its natural beauty will remain intact.


A telltale sign of a home that will appreciate in value is the area that it’s situated in and the work being done to improve it. The new construction in and around Discovery Ridge Calgary and the newer properties suggest that these already valuable homes will be worth even more as the years go by.


2)    The large luxury lots

Discovery Ridge was originally planned as a gated neighbourhood. The area soon morphed into an open community where anyone was welcome to join. Discovery Ridge retains the same affluent nature of a gated community—chiefly the large luxury lots.


Home sellers in Discovery Ridge won’t have trouble finding a buyer for their home because of all the neighbourhoods featuring estate homes, this neighbourhood has some of the best priced luxury homes homes.


Estate homes aren’t entirely uncommon in the west Calgary area but if you decide to list your Discovery Ridge home you can bet that your Calgary mansion is going to turn some heads.


3)    Local amenities 

There are more and more attractions and amenities springing up in the west Calgary area. Some of the amazing amenities that Discovery Ridge home sellers are able to leverage is the growing Discovery Ridge Recreation Centre, and the Westside Recreation Centre. While the Discovery Ridge rec centre is nearing its final stages of completion, the Westside rec centre features a fully furnished gym, an indoor track, a swimming pool, and many more fun and exciting ways to maintain your physical health.


For a list of 10 SW Calgary attractions worth checking out, click here.


Several shopping centres are located nearby as well and play a part in raising the value of your Discovery Ridge home. Signal Hill and Westhills Shopping Centres are two full-fledged malls with a wide array of retailers and outlets that are sure to have just about everything you need. And in the rare chance that they don’t, remember that the city centre and its unique shopping districts are less than half an hour away.  


So if you’re thinking of listing your Discovery Ridge home, be sure to keep these points in your back pocket, or give me a call and I’ll take good care.




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Warmer weather is right around the corner and that means that you and the family are looking for something fun to do. For those who live in SW Calgary, there’s no shortage of excitement! Families can always count on an interesting way to spend the afternoon, without travelling too far from home. In this article, I’m going to share 10 fun things to do when living in SW Calgary. The best part is; all of these attractions are less than 20 minutes away from your West Calgary home.



1)    Heritage Park Historical Village 


Located on the beautiful shores of the Glenmore Reservoir, Heritage Park Historical Village is a popular day trip destination for families who are interested in exposing the young ones to the Calgary’s rich cultural history. It’s not uncommon to see field trips and summer camp groups touring around this fun SW Calgary fixture.


Some of the fun things to do at Heritage Park Historical Village include: old fashioned wagon rides, an antique midway, and a ton of interactive exhibits that manage to blend learning with fun!


2)    Weaslehead / Glenmore Park


Just a little ways up from the Heritage Park Historical Village is the Weaslehead and North Glenmore Park Conservation Area. This beautifully kept natural area is home to a wide array of Calgary wildlife, great views of the Glenmore Reservoir, and the Calgary Canoe Club.


Some great ways to spend your afternoon at the Weaslehead and North Glenmore Park Conservation Area include: picnics (there are multiple picnic areas), tennis, and if you like to hike or bike, there are lots of trails.



3)    Canada Olympic Park


Largely recognized for its role in the 1988 Winter Olympics, Canada Olympic Park (COP) remains a popular attraction of Calgary residents. The COP is most active during the winter months when both professional and recreational skiers are taking to the slopes. However, there are still plenty of things for people to do at COP during the warmer months!


For instance, families can sign up their kids and teenagers for ice-skating and hockey lessons, all-day summer camps, and mountain biking adventures. 


4)    The Glencoe Golf and Country Club


Located west of the city limits, the Glencoe Golf and Country Club is one of the most picturesque golf courses in the Calgary area. This private family golf course features more than 45 different holes for golfers of all skill levels, and a range of indoor and outdoor practice facilities. I definitely recommend checking out this premier course when the sun is shining.



5)    Calaway Park 


Calaway Park is Canada’s largest outdoor theme park. This exciting destination is less than 20 minutes away from SW Calgary and features more than 40 family friendly rides and attractions. Whether you’re on the edge of your seat at one of their theatrical shows, or holding on for life in one of their highflying roller coasters, Calaway Park has something for everyone!


If you’re looking to discover your new favourite attraction at Calaway Park, click here to check out their selection.


6)    McMahon Stadium


Sports fans in West Calgary are in for a treat. McMahon Stadium is the fifth largest stadium in all of Canada and home turf to the Calgary Stampeders and the University of Calgary Dinos. Keeping current with your favourite CFL team couldn’t be easier when living in a SW Calgary neighbourhood. If you never want to miss another home game, click here for ticket information.


7)    Bowness Park


Located on the banks of the great Bow River, Bowness Park is an excellent destination for a day trip. Bowness Park has been around since the turn of the century and remains one of the best-preserved natural areas in the city.


Some of best things to do at Bowness Park are: paddle boating in the shallow lagoon, keeping an eye out for wildlife, and ice-skating in the wintertime.


8)    Canada Sports Hall of Fame


Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame is located near COP and gives Calgary West sports fans yet another great place to spend an afternoon. The facilities cater to corporate events where industry leaders can inspire their teams and educational programs where teachers can introduce young sports fans to some new role models.


The Canada Sports Hall of Fame is also the site of the Indy Sportz Film Fest, which features independent documentary films on some of Canada’s biggest sports icons. I definitely recommend checking it out! 



9)    Grey Eagle Resort and Casino  


If you live in West Calgary and your palms are itching, head over to the Great Eagle Resort and Casino and cash in on your luck. This SW Calgary gambling destination boasts more than 84,000 square feet of gaming, which include more than 40 table games, almost 900 slot machines, and a 24-hour poker room.


If you’re not a gambler, the Grey Eagle Resort and Casino still has something for you. The venue hosts many musical acts and performances, from honky-tonk hoedowns to legendary rock stars like Roger Hodgson and the Beach Boys. If you’re hosting an event, you can also consider renting out one of the event rooms at the casino.



10)     Griffiths Woods


Griffiths Woods is one of my favourite hangouts strictly because it’s so close to home. While smaller than many other SW Calgary parks and attractions, Griffiths Woods poses as an easy place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a quiet, reflective walk with nature.


I hope that you enjoyed my list of 10 fun things to do when living in SW Calgary. If you have any more questions about the area, or the perks that come with owning a SW Calgary home, give me a shout!




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If you live anywhere around West Calgary, Wentworth is name that you’re familiar with—that’s because Wentworth is synonymous with luxury. The upscale multi-family homes, stunning single-family homes, and immaculate estate homes leave no room for doubt as to why this is one of Calgary’s most popular places to live. In this article I’ll be offering 5 reasons to invest in Wentworth Real Estate today! 


Location, location, location! 

Located in SW Calgary, Wentworth is bounded by Old Banff Coach Road to the north, and Bow Trail to the south. It’s a part of the larger West Springs neighbourhood and plays a role in earning this area a reputation for excellence. You would scarcely believe that these luxury lots in Wentworth are just over 20 minutes away from Calgary’s downtown core. 


The natural beauty of SW Calgary has given rise to a handful of wonderfully kept parks and pathways that are meticulously maintained by the kind folks of the Wentworth Residents’ Association. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle couldn’t be easier, and you’ll be able to enjoy some nature to boot. I recommend checking out Edworthy Park, Sarcee Park, and Patterson Park. And don’t forget to take a jaunt down the winding trails in the Wentworth neighbourhood itself! 


Estate homes in Wentworth, Calgary

Wentworth is home to some of the most grandiose homes in the city, bar none. The average price of a Wentworth home for sale is bound to fetch more than a million dollars. I can guarantee that those who decide to make that investment will have no regrets about buying in to this prestigious community. 



If you’re in the market for an upgrade and have set your eyes on an estate home, I recommend taking a drive through the three distinct districts of Wentworth; there’s the Willows of Wentworth, Wentworth Estates, and Wexford. They each have their own unique charms but the thing that unites them all is that they all have classy Calgary mansions.


Multi-family residences in Wentworth, Calgary

The main subdivision of Wentworth features an eclectic mix of townhomes and multi-family residencies. These inclusively priced homes give individuals other than the high rollers a chance to become a part of this dynamic and growing community. 


I suggest taking a closer look at Vivace on West 85th. This new luxury condo and townhome development is piloted by Bri-mor Developments and Streetside Homes.



The builders only opened the doors of their presentation centre in early 2015 and are now accepting bids on pre-construction homes. It’s definitely in your best interest to plan your purchase ahead of time and get in on the ground floor. Developments like these are only going to appreciate in value!


Shopping in Wentworth, Calgary


If you’re a fan of shopping then you’re in luck. Besides being so close to the city centre and the plethora of shops there, Wentworth has some shopping districts of its very own that are bound to impress.


Residents of Wentworth can head slightly south for the Aspen Landing Shopping Centre. This shopping plaza was built in 2009 with the residents of SW Calgary in mind. Some of the many stores housed in the Aspen Landing Shopping Centre include the Alberta Diamond Exchange, several major bank branches, restaurants, and health and wellness retailers like Shoppers Drug Mart.


Strathcona Square Shopping Centre is another nearby shopping district due east of Wentworth. It’s an upscale shopping centre that differs from the others, namely the fact that this one is home to many more professional services. But on that note, I should talk about one of the chief attractions of living in Wentworth, Calgary. 

The Wentworth Medical Clinic is a reliable medical institution built to serve the people of the Wentworth community and the surrounding area. It’s a walk-in clinic for those in need of medical attention and also has a number of medical services that the staff provides by appointment. These services include: dental care, chiropractic care, laser skin treatment, and tattoo removal. The amenities in this neighbourhood certainly endow you with the tools necessary to lead a healthy life.


Investment Opportunities


There’s a lot going on in Wentworth and the entire West Calgary area. When you’re looking at areas to buy property in, a hallmark of a good investment is the simple fact that there is work being done to further improve life in the neighbourhood.


The care and dedication of the Wentworth Residents Association, the new developments like Vivace on West 85th, and all of the local shopping districts coupled with the neigbourhood’s distance from the city spells prime real estate.


Calgary will undoubtedly continue to grow but there’s only so much land within reach of the city centre. As the population of Calgary soars north of a million, the demand for properties like these is only going to increase, and so will the price tag!


If you’d like to hear some more about this amazing neighbourhood from someone who lives there, you can get in touch with me directly and I’ll show you the ropes.




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As the name suggests, West Springs is a west Calgary community. It’s recognized Calgarians for being a rather upscale neighbourhood on the western edge of the city. Families enjoy living in this neighbourhood for a wide range of reasons. Some love the estate-like homes; others like that West Springs is still pretty close to the Calgary city centre. In my homebuyer’s guide to West Springs Calgary, I’m going to highlight 4 reasons why this neighbourhood might be right for you and your family – I live here and I love it! 


Beautiful homes


West Springs homes come in a variety of shapes and sizes but the one thing that they all have in common is that they’re all beautiful, inside and out. Therefore, depending on your lifestyle and the size of your family, there are tons of options to choose from that are bound to impress.


West Springs Calgary offers a neat mix of property styles. The majority of them are singe-family homes and plenty of those can be considered bonafide mansions.


There aren’t nearly as many multi-family homes in West Springs Calgary but one definitely worth highlighting is the Eighty5Nine condo development. This west Calgary condo development features contemporary styling and access to all of the great amenities that West Springs has to offer. 


Estate homes aren’t uncommon in Calgary either but the West Springs homes are first rate compared to other west Calgary neighbourhoods. One selection in particular is the Wentworth Calgary homes.



Wentworth Calgary


Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a little biased when it comes to Wentworth Calgary. That’s because I’m a resident of this community myself!  However, now I’m able to let you know exactly what makes living here so great. Wentworth Calgary borders on West Springs and is without a doubt one of the most popular neighbourhoods for Calgary residents in search of a quiet, luxurious community that still affords access to the city.


There are several districts housed within the Wentworth community and each of them has its own unique charms. The Willows of Wentworth backs on to a beautiful conservation area. The Wentworth Estates are founded on spacious lots. And the Wentworth area as a whole features a handful of multi-family and upscale condo developments to choose from. Each of these areas is well serviced by the regional amenities, some of which are even exclusive to Wentworth and West Springs.


West Calgary amenities 


West Calgary has many amenities to make living in West Springs a breeze. If you’re the type that likes to be outdoors, there are many trails surrounding the neighbourhood and a few beautifully kept regional parks for your enjoyment. I recommend checking out Canada Olympic Park, just north of the neighbourhood, if you’re looking for an adrenaline boost in the winter months.


There is a small shopping district that caters to the community and it’s full of cool little cafes for bringing your friends or grabbing your morning coffee.


In case you’re ever in need of medical attention, Wentworth Medical and Walk-in Clinic is able to treat you on the spot. Wentworth Medical definitely adds some extra value to this already affluent community.


Families in West Springs are fortunate to have access to several schools in the neighbourhood, including the West Springs School itself. If you’d like to view a complete list of the educational institutions currently servicing this school, click here to view them on West Spring’s neighbourhood website.

Access to the city


And finally, one of my favourite reasons for living in this West Calgary neighbourhood is the simple fact that it’s so close to the city centre. You really wouldn’t expect to see such beautiful, spacious lots within as little 20 minutes away. The Bow Trail SW brings commuters and city slickers alike straight into the heart of the city. Owning a motor vehicle is recommended in this neighbourhood, but just in case public transit is your preference, the 69Street Station gives commuters access to the C-Train which will carry you right into the city.


Well, I think that just about wraps it up for my home buyer’s guide to West Springs Calgary. I invite you to take a drive through our community and see for yourself why this is such a great place to live. But just in case you have any more questions about the neighbourhood, or would like to inquire about West Springs Real Estate, give me a call and I’ll be your guide!




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